Toilet Paper Princess

As I was feeding Baby June tonight Annabelle took the wet dish cloth of the table and headed to the bathroom. As I was walking upstairs to put the baby down I see Annabelle washing the toilet.. I asked her what she was doing, she said "cleaning the bathroom" I said, "you deserve a sticker!" Then she told me, " I not finished first"

What a doll she is :)

After being upstairs for a while I came back down with the bathroom empty and silence.. I say, "Annabelle where are you?" In her little voice she says, "Here I am" I find her in the corner sitting with the toilet rolls in her hand smiling... She then asked me if I wanted to sit with her. For the next while she stacked and re-stacked those toilet paper rolls all over the house, calling it her "castle" I love that she is so creative and clean hahaha Cute memory, had to capture it.


Two Buddies

My two little buddies at one of our favorite places :) Annnabelle absolutury adores her Daddy! She follows him everywhere and the minute he opens the door, coming home from work.. you her here two little feet running towards the front door.


"NO! Daddy best"
"Daddy a prince, I'm a princess"
"i wove you Daddy, I wuv you soooo much"
"Daddy hold me"
When Brad was putting on his shirt the other day.. "That's an awesome shirt"
"I want Daddy water"
Lately, when she hears Brad coming she says, "Hide from daddy" It's really funny that she likes to hide from him and giggle the whole time.

Brad: "who is mommy?"
Annabelle: "wicked witch" (In my defence she does think the wicked witch in the movie is cool)
Brad: "who are you?"
Annabelle: "Princess Belle
Brad: "who am I?"
Annabelle: "Prince Charming
Brad: "Who is Baby June?"
Annabelle: "THE DONKEY!"

Looks like Baby June and I need to audtion for some better leading roles in Annabelle's stories!!! :)


Julia's Blessing


Unwind With Bath Time

My new favorite time with the girls is BATH TIME. Annabelle loves picking out her bubbles, right now she has Tinkerbell bubbles:) No matter how fussy Julia is I can throw her in the tub and it just seems to relax everyone... Including ME! Actually, her first laugh was in the tub when Annabelle was kissing her feet.

With two girls some days works like clock work. They nap at the same time with no big hassles. While they're asleep I get the laundry done with a cold diet coke and get caught up on the DVR. The girls wake up in good moods, dinner goes smoothly, bath time is fun, we read scriptures Annabelle listens, we say family prayers, then Brad and I watch our favorite cooking shows with some of my homemade cookies and ice cold milk. I go to bed thinking I have the luckiest job on the planet.

OK, then the next day the girls wake up early and unhappy. The day is filled with one too many poopy diapers. Baby Julia won't stop barfing ALL over me. The laundry is piling up (due to the barfy clothes) And the girls are both fighting to take their naps. The schedules are out the door and I feel like a failure. I wish I could go running to work off those cookies I had the night before but just feel too tired. The day has felt like eternity and I go to bed thinking, "well, I don't have to put on my Jammies because I've been in the ALL DAY!"

Well, my point of this is to say they're are good days with the bad. Being a mommy is hard work but so worth it. When Annabelle out of no where says, "I love you mommy" or "C'mon mommy dance with me" or when I see her being so cute with Julia it makes me so happy. I enjoy our new routine of bath time. What a way to end the day seeing your two cute girls smothered in tinker bell bubbles, laughing with each other.


My Sioux Chef

So, lately I've been having fun in the kitchen. I've even made a cooking blog. Not because I think I'm some amazing chef or anything, but it has been fun to try new things and take pictures of my creations. Although, my food pictures are just taken from my cell phone so nothing too fancy...but it has been fun. I wish I had the never ending food budget and kid free time to perfect my skills in the kitchen. I know that stage will come soon enough. So, for right now I can just do a little here and there. Today instead of putting Annabelle in front of a movie while I made some glamorous meal to blog about. I decided to take full advantage of our rainy, cold day together and make some good old chocolate chip cookies. I love my SIOUX CHEF:)



OK, Fall is here! Annabelle and I broke out the boots :) I love Fall for so many reasons. Both Brad and I celebrate our birthdays, Brad and I met in September had our second date in October. I found out with both babies that I was pregnant in the fall. Both of my girls were blessed in the Fall. The leaves change colors, decorations come out, I love getting ready for Halloween, and what can I say... FOOTBALL SEASON BEGINS! Yes, we are big Ravens and BYU Fans. OK, and who doesn't enjoy pulling out some of your favorite jeans and boots! :) Brad my handsome man turned 31 this September. Annabelle says it best about Brad... Anytime I say "Annabelle you're the best!" She quickly, without any hesitation says, "NO! Daddy Best!" We do think Brad is the best around here. We are so lucky to have him.


Annabelle is Two.. way past due.

Things you do and say...

Well, a while back you would call us "mommydaddy" like we were one person. Now you call us mommy and daddy. Sometimes you will even say "come here Brad" it is so funny!

You come up to your sister and shake her hand, "nice to meet you" you say.

When I put you in your car seat you tell me it's hot and put on the air conditioner.

When you see you blanket lying on the ground you run to it and say "it's clean, not stinky" then you try and smell it by blowing on it with your nose instead of sniffing it.

During dinner you always point to daddy's cup and say "I want daddy water" After drinking mommy water you always say, "spicy" (diet coke) you call it spicy drink.

You love eating just plain ham and turkey. yep that's pretty much it these days. Oh, and chocolate!!

In sacrament meetings whenever you see your nursury leader you blurt out "teacher, Hi teacher" It's too cute.

You say amen to dinner prayers and at night will start to repeat some of the words in our prayers. You squint your eyes when you close them...love it.

When I say listen you point to your ear and say, "TING" I think its from some cartoon you watch. Everytime you listen to something I say you say "TING" You love putting stickers on you listening chart.

When you go down the stairs by yourself now you say, "I big girl" all the way down. You count each step on your way up and down.

You ask Daddy and I to dance with you all the time. You sing "I know you I walked with you once upon a dream" It's your favortie princess song.

You tell us stories saying, "Once upon a time.. a princess lived in castle.. a wicked witch. The end" You say to daddy, "you a prince, I'm a princess. You play the sleeping beauty game where you have everyone lay down and you kiss them and they wake up.

You love to cuddle, you help Julia when she is crying, Daddy is your best buddy, every morning I open the door to your room and you say "I Wake Up" it's so darling.


Princess Party


Change for the better

OK, so after about two weeks of calling her Lillian and Lilly... It just wasn't fitting her at all. Brad and I both agreed that she needed a name change. We both loved June, it's Brad's Grandma Scotts name. She was absolutely such an amazing lady.. and she was born in June, How perfect! It's funny because I had a name I loved during the whole pregnancy and then a couple days before she was born I came up with the name Lillian.

Well, We went back to our "name list" and bounced our favorites around for a few days. One name didn't leave my mind. It was the name I loved the whole pregnancy. I feel so sure about it, and now couldn't picture any other name for my sweet girl. Sooooo without further a due, now presenting.....


Baby June!

BABY JUNE arrived June 11th. She weighed 7 pds (just like her sister) She came a week early and boy was I ready!

After having intense contractions coming and going for a week, and many many, many long walks in the early morning hours to try to keep my contractions going.... I decided I wanted to be induced. It was just too emotionally draining to prepare for the hospital and then all of a sudden the labor pains would stop. Annoying! Luckily, my mom was a trooper and my walking buddy during all of this.

The morning I got to the hospital they gave me this magic little pill that helps thin out your cervix. Soon after that, my body kicked into full gear and labor pains were coming on strong! Luckily, I didn't need the potosin. I do wish I had asked for the epidural sooner.. because boy did the contractions start coming hard and fast. I used the exercise ball this time and it was kinda different (still painful) but after about an hour of contractions I got the magic epidural... awwww yes :) And just like with Annabelle it was a few pushes and she was out!!! I was in shock to see all the dark Hair!

It was so fun to have Annabelle come to the hospital. She was saying "baby sister, baby sister" When we asked her to hold Baby June we put her on Annabelle's lap and she was just giggling and laughing... it was so cute! So presenting BABY JUNE FISHER!!!!!


It's not over till the fat lady sings...

"lalalalala" Ok, I know it's way over and the pregnant lady has sung.. but here are some last pregnancy photos before baby June came. It was kinda the last few shots with just me andand my buddy Annabelle. I knew things would be different with two little girls but I will always remeber when it was just "us" :)


Road Trippin Red Necks...

A few weeks ago Brad had some business stuff to do in Pennsylvania. Annabelle and I tagged along with him in our big truck! Which made the trip even more exciting... driving in our rental truck we had for that week. We stopped by the gas station for some munchies and of course a big diet coke :) After taking care of business stuff we drove a little bit further to "Cabellas" It's this HUGE hunting, outdoor, redneck dream store. I actually was quite impressed by some of their animals on display. It was like going to a museum... a "man museum" ha ha but it was fun. Brad and I purchased a sweet lounge chair and signed up for the VIP club.. so we got hats and aCabella's bag. It was fun being a redneck :)


Park Days

I love that the cold weather is gone. Annabelle and I have had a lot of fun going park hopping and enjoying this beautiful weather! We were so lucky that Catherine came with us to Baker Park the other day and got some really cute shots of Annabelle. (sometimes I feel like she is our personal photographer following us around) I love it!!! Annabelle was a little chicken going to parks at first she even had a phobia walking in the grass... after many park days she is doing much better :)

Please welcome my sister to the blogging world and feel free to check out her awesome blog! She loves taking pictures and is so talented..... http://catherineaegan.blogspot.com

Easter Weekend