Two Buddies

My two little buddies at one of our favorite places :) Annnabelle absolutury adores her Daddy! She follows him everywhere and the minute he opens the door, coming home from work.. you her here two little feet running towards the front door.


"NO! Daddy best"
"Daddy a prince, I'm a princess"
"i wove you Daddy, I wuv you soooo much"
"Daddy hold me"
When Brad was putting on his shirt the other day.. "That's an awesome shirt"
"I want Daddy water"
Lately, when she hears Brad coming she says, "Hide from daddy" It's really funny that she likes to hide from him and giggle the whole time.

Brad: "who is mommy?"
Annabelle: "wicked witch" (In my defence she does think the wicked witch in the movie is cool)
Brad: "who are you?"
Annabelle: "Princess Belle
Brad: "who am I?"
Annabelle: "Prince Charming
Brad: "Who is Baby June?"
Annabelle: "THE DONKEY!"

Looks like Baby June and I need to audtion for some better leading roles in Annabelle's stories!!! :)