Belated Birthday!!!!

Well better late then never. Yes!!! I turned 27 yrs old October 18th :) Birthdays are always a time of reflection for me. How have I grown spiritually, physically, mentally this past year? What were some fun memories? What would I want to change to make next year even better?

This year has been so jammed packed with big events. Brad and I bought our first home. I spent 9 months prego. The beautiful Annabelle Marie finally arrived and life has not been the same ever since!!. I am so grateful for all my blessings and new things in my life. I am excited for my new role as a mom. I am looking forward to finding and pursuing my new talents as a "homemaker." I celebrated my 2 yr anniversary with my amazing husband bradley :) I'm looking forward to spending another year with my best friend. Learning more about him and myself. I know this year will be filled with so many fun memories as Annabelle grows and learns new things. At times I am overwhelmed because I want to be the perfect mother and wife...and the next Martha Stewart overnight. I know it will take time and Martha is kinda crazy anyways. When I sit back and reflect and get things into perspective... I'm happy and blessed. I'm excited to find my groove/niche in being a wife, mother, baker, sewer, crafter, homemaker. Watch out Martha Stewart!!!!!!!

Here are some pics from my B-day. Brad and I went to the National Harbor In VA. Its kinda a mix between Georgetown and the Inner Harbor. It is not completely finished yet, but they have a bunch of trendy shops, and cool places to eat. Its right on the water and you can see the planes fly out of Reagan... really awesome :) Go check it out!!! nationalharbor.com