Daddy Daughter Date at Chick-Fil-A

They had "conversation cards" at each table. Brad said they talked about so much :) Annabelle was so excited to get her yellow rose from daddy.. she picked out a pretty pair of pearls from mommy's jewerly. They had such a fun night together. Gotta love CFA...

Fire night at guess where???

YES, WE ARE A LITTLE OBSESSED :) but it's fun.


My little Julia

Julia got up one night after Annabelle went to bed. We were just goofing around and I caught the sillyness on camera. Julia is my little sweetheart. Ever since she was very little Ive always lived giving her tickles. She has the best little giggle. I love seeing her little body cruise all over the place. Her favorite place to hang is the green chair..she will pick up a book and just plop down on it. she is always humming and singing, twirling in the family room. Her smile is amazing. Fine print: her pretty singing can turn to loud shreeking, she's a trash digger, wild monster, toilet water monster!!! but we love her. She is the best.



Conference Weeekend Winners

Saw this idea on some lds site. Of course I did a watered down version but Annabelle LOVED it! We gave her different words to listen to each talk, and when she heard the words..ex: god, jesus..
She got to throw a penny in the jar. She then can take her pennies and buy herself a treat. (of course i'll have t throw some quarters in there) :) It helped her listen so much.

Here is where i got the idea.. amamab.blogspot.com/2011/03/conference-store-idea-linky-party.html

maybe next year we will graduate to the conference store.. Until then I will be happy if she is happy that she gets to buy her self a candy bar with her conference quarters :)

A tradition of ours.. Homemade cinnamon rolls conference weekend. it was cold and rainy today. Cuddled on the love sac eating warm goodness. Yes.