The Pre Party....

Well, these pictures actually have a funny story. I'll try to sum it up quick.. Annabelle was deadly sick Sunday, the morning of Julia's Party. i really had wanted to buy balloons for the party Saturday night but things just got to hectic with Annabelle being sick.

Well, I took Julia to church for the first hour while Brad stayed home with Annabelle, then we planned to do a switch off so Brad could be there for Sunday school to teach. Well, on the way to church I drove by this huge car dealership.. in the corner of my eye I see about 100 balloons in a huge bouquet flying above the dumpster! (attached to a crate near the dumpster) After sacrament meeting I was heading back home, and the thought crossed my mind.. go get those balloons! So, I drove to the back of the dealership..I grabbed as many balloons as would fit in the back of my car. I kept opening the door and filling the car up with these colorful balloons. Julia's face was priceless.. she was laughing and couldn't believe mommy had so many colorful balls in the back seat! :) Well, as soon as i could no longer see Julia I thought we had enough in the car. The whole way home Julia had a blast and when we got home I let her crawl around with the balloons.. she was loving life. I bet the car dealership got a good laugh seeing this crazy mom in her escalade, high heels, trying to untangle and manage this 100 balloon bouquet... then, taking half deflated balloons and stuffing them into her car.. Sunday Fun day.. :)

day Mor


My Flowers these days...

Walking outside every morning and checking in on my flowers makes me happy.
Looking outside my windows while carrying up baskets of laundry to fold and seeing my beautiful flowers makes me happy
planting new flowers with Annabelle and teaching her about flowers makes me happy
when i see tons of rose buds about to "pop" as Annabelle says..makes us happy
seeing some flowers come back from last year is awesome
Flowers make me happy!