Julia 10 months


My sweet Julia is exactly that.. SO SWEET. Yes we still call her Baby June, Junie, and Baby Julia. She is seriously such a sweet little girl. Junie in a nutshell...

*smiles all the time.. and has the cutest little smile while she squints her eyes shut!

*Crawled one month later than Annabelle but is now on the MOVE! (both of my girls crawled during March Madness :)

*She can eat her sister under the table! she loves drinking out of a sippy cup all by herself.

*She waves hi and bye bye.. :)

*She grunts and does a little scrunched pig face.. it so "her face"

*she chases Annabelle all over the house.. when she catches up to her she will give her open mouth kisses!

*she always snuggles into my chest and is such a snuggle bug (so unlike annabelle)

*she goes upstairs now and cruises and pulls herself up on anything and everything she can find.. like I said she is on the MOVE!



The peep show


Faces Of Annabelle

Annabelle loves being in her "big girl room" She twirls and dances all day long singing her favorite songs

She has pretend friends.. Ariel, Belle, Kayla, and Jasmine. She makes me put them on the potty too and we clap for them when they go pee (technically I'm potty training 3 people.. Annabelle and her two friends) hahaha

Brad came and sat on Annabelle's bed.. Annabelle loudly said, "Daddy! your sitting on my fins!" Is she a mermaid now? I've been known to sit on Belle and Jasmine too..

Randomly during the day Annabelle will say, " Mommy I have a secret for you.. come here" She then whispers in my ear "I love you" Now that's cool :)

Annabelle bringing me something to fix.. I was in a hurry so as always, I say.. Annabelle Daddy will just fix it when he gets home. Annabelle, then says "Come on mommy you can do it. You have big muscles like this!" (as she flexes her muscles. I of course had to stop everything I was doing and HAD TO FIX HER TOY. Daddy is still known as the one in family with the BIG muscles.

"Daddy is my best buddy" "best buddy means love"---Annabelle

Annabelle loves to clean. She loves sweeping and cleaning with a wet rag. When she sees me get out the broom she gets so excited! She runs around saying "I'm the best cleaner, me and mommy... oh and daddy" I say, "what about Junie? "No, she is not a good cleaner she just makes messes"

Almost every day when Annabelle wakes up she will ask "Where is baby June? She holds her hand in the car, as they are sitting in their car seats. She will break up her nuggets into little pieces to give to her.

"BABY june likes mommy milk" "I big girl I drink chocolate milk" Annabelle blurts out and Grandmas house "when I was little I eat mommy's boobies" haha funny.

"I want my hair to touch the floor like tangled".. blurting out in the shower "Look! I'm eating my vegetables so my hair is getting long like Tangled!"

Annabelle will give me five every time she seems me sitting on the potty. She will even clap for me :)

She holds her pig tails every time we are outside. I asked her why.. "so, they don't blow away."

"I'm a balla weiner" ballerina
"President Monster" President Monson

"No one like a frowny face change it to a happy face" Turn it upside down and make it a happy face..and make the world a better place."

Saturday Family Fun

This week Brad was EXTRA busy at work.. so a family fun Saturday was so much needed:) After a zumba class at the gym and my first cycling class (yes, I'm still alive somehow) We decided what better way to get those calories back then head to CHIPOTLE! :) Annabelle is always so amusing to eat with.. she was having fun with her tortilla and "white dippies" sour cream.

We then headed to the pet store and got some new fish! We were looking everywhere for the perfect fish.. who was name "JIMMER" ANNABELLE KEPT ON SAYING, "WHERE IS THE JIMMER FISH?" We finally found a fish we liked and now we have a fish name Jimmer. :)

We came home and watched some of conference. Two talks that stood out to me were talking how we can learn from little children and we should learn to become more like them. I really learn from Annabelle everyday... her eagerness to learn new things, how quick she is to forgive and forget, her unconditional love, and her BIG KIND heart :) I love how at any moment I can walk around the corner and hear her singing Book of Mormon Stories or I love to See the Temple. She really brings such a sweet spirit into our home. The same with Julia, her beautiful smile and cuddley kisses are the best. The day ended with the girls palying hide and seek in Julia's room.. Julia was crawling around trying to fin Annabelle and both girls were giggling SO HARD! It was awesome.

Brad and I said during the first session of conference.."Yes! kids are in this year.. Oh yeah we have cool kids, we are so lucky!"