The FISHERS get fishy

So, Brad got a new tank. It's totally his pastime/hobby. He has always loved fish.. maybe it brings hime back to his adventurous scuba diving days. The girls and i have spent a lot of time at fish stores lately. Brad and the girls spend lots of time in front of our tank. It's really cute Annabelle has names for all of the fish. Julia leaves kiss marks all over the tank. It's Fishtastic lol

Snow Tubing

A reason to spin

I was able to do Cycle United at the local mall. Hey, why not spin for a cause and burn calories. It was actually soooo much fun to be in there with a lot of people and loud music. Brad and the girls came to watch me and cheer me on :) It was fun seeing them wave to me. Afterwards, we did some craft and games the mall had going on. The girls each won some prize by standing on the correct number. They both got bouncy balls. Yeah, that was an adventure trying to walk out of the mall chasing two bouncy balls.


aNNABELLE'S Vday treats to her friends. We had a lot of fun putting the candy inside the balloon. Glued a toothpick to the cards to let the kids pop them. Fun!

TWO best buddies

These two could not be any cuter together. They honestly get along so well and play so well together. I'm sure they will have there fights but right now they are best buddies. Annabelle no longer calls Juia "baby June" she is Baby Julia. If I get mad at Julia for getting into something, Annabelle will say to me, "mom, she is just a baby." It's funny because when she wants Julia to be able to do something, she says, "mom, Julia is a big girl now" I often hear Annabelle trying to get Julia to talk..trying to teach her.

These two right now are always just singing and twirling together. Sometimes almost in harmony. It's a lot of fun to watch. p class="mobile-photo">

Vday party


Creative Juices Flowing....

Creative dance starts again... Annabelle was so excited! It was so funny to watch her the first night this time around. Now she acted like one of the "bigger" kids in class. Knowing all the dances, wanting to be the leader, and just much more confident. Such a big contrast from her humble beginnings at her first class last session. :)

This is Annabelle singing"Five Little Pumpkins" So random but they sang it during Halloween at preschool and she loves to still sing it. hahaha don't quite your day job Annabelle....


My goal for 2012 is ORGANIZATION! My first project was toys and playroom. I painted an old mirror and re-installed hooks to make a great place for keeping the dress up. Bought storage bins, and more bins and waaa laaa. Upstairs Playroom complete. (sorry to my guest you no longer have a guest room) That's what you get for not coming for months!! (catherine and allison) Anyways, The girls have liked it a lot. I love that EVERYTHING has a place aka bin.

Park Day

Took full advantage of some semi nice weather we had. It's so fun watching them play together. They getting so big! It's funny watching how different they are. Julia has been my little dare devil not fearing any kind of slide.. While Annabelle is still so cautious of slides. She woud much rather climb UP a big slide than go down it. Julia went on a few slides that Annabelle hadn't yet tried lol. Both my girls love swinging from any sort of handles, bars, and anything you can possible swing from.

Spring could not come soon enough!



My little monkey

Family Dance Party and some yoga.....


While Julia naps Annabelle and I have found some quiet time to sit down and practice writing her letters. Poor girl has one of the longest names.. but she finally got it a few months ago. Lately, when I tell her it's time to practice her name she insits on writing other people's names. (shorter names) She loves to write Julia, Cat (Catherine) Tori, Dad, Will and she loves my name...MOM. Today we wrote Allison's name which she told me is long too. Anyways, It's so fun watching her learn so much and love the cute things she says. She cracks me up....