Birthday with Swine Flu

That's right my little Annabelle has Swine Flu. She has been sick for 1 week! We got her tested on Thursday. She seems to be turning the corner and feeling somewhat better. Be careful because the symptoms are so similar to the flu. Annabelle started Saturday night with a high fever that continued until Monday. She also was throwing up which finally pushed me to take her to the Doctor. Poor little thing has been sneezing and coughing all week. We carried the guestroom mattress down and have it in front of the T.V....talk about a CHILL WEEKEND.

So we are home all weekend with the Piggy Flu... of course I am updating the blog and facebook pics :) Here are some pics of my little sickie.

Falling Waters

We took a trip to Falling Waters one of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright homes. It was really interesting to see and pretty amazing.. It is a nice day trip and I would recommend it if you live in the area. Although they don't permit little kids inside. They do have a "family area" for the little kids to hang. Here is the website for anyone is is interested...http://www.fallingwater.org/

My Man Turns the big 3-0!

For Brad's 30th Birthday we were able to spend the weekend up at Deep Creek. We had fun and relaxing weekend with Family :) Brad's Family met us up there and surprised him with a gun! Now he has two in his collection... all that is missing is a pink Walther P22. HAAAA. We had fun jet skiing and luckily met up with some family friends up there who so kindly gave us a nice boat ride. All of us went to dinner Saturday night (BYU GAME NIGHT) Well, I called twice beforehand to make sure that they were playing the BYU game and to make sure we could fit a table of ten right in front of the big screen. Well, long story short we got there.. got a V.I.P table and no they weren't playing the game!! Brad almost pooped is pants. So, Brad spent the rest of dinner glued to the I phone watching the game on a little field where is shows the football moving up and down the field. It was a huge BYU upset so I'm kinda glad he wasn't watching the blowout of the big screen. Anyways, the weekend was really nice. I'm so lucky to be married to such a studly 30 yr old. owww owww