Toilet Paper Princess

As I was feeding Baby June tonight Annabelle took the wet dish cloth of the table and headed to the bathroom. As I was walking upstairs to put the baby down I see Annabelle washing the toilet.. I asked her what she was doing, she said "cleaning the bathroom" I said, "you deserve a sticker!" Then she told me, " I not finished first"

What a doll she is :)

After being upstairs for a while I came back down with the bathroom empty and silence.. I say, "Annabelle where are you?" In her little voice she says, "Here I am" I find her in the corner sitting with the toilet rolls in her hand smiling... She then asked me if I wanted to sit with her. For the next while she stacked and re-stacked those toilet paper rolls all over the house, calling it her "castle" I love that she is so creative and clean hahaha Cute memory, had to capture it.