Annabelle was a wild thing this year for Halloween... and yes Brad and I are will take her to the movie when it hits the dollar theatre. Annabelle was such a cutie on Halloween night... she loved going door to door and getting candy from our neighbors. Problem was she was running down our driveway to hit the same neighbors we had already been to a few times. She loved her blue car and was the hit of the block honking her horn. I let her eat sooo much chocolate Halloween night. It was so fun following her and Brad trick or treating with the video camera.. first time parents??? Of course we finished the night with the 3rd annual dress up in foil for a free burrito!!! Chipotle just hit the spot this year. Halloween... I loved my wild thing!

Caramel Apple Party

We had some friends over to make caramel apples. We bought a block of caramel block from an Amish market... much easier than unwrapping tons of little caramels. We dipped them in chocolate and drizzled white chocolate and butterfinger on top... they were Yummy! Here are some very bad quality pics of the festivities. Taken by my video camera because I've "misplaced" my camera :(


Pumpkin Patchers

This year we went to the Pumpkin Patch in Mt. Airy about 10 min from Frederick. It was so much fun that my family joined us! I love seeing Kayla and Annabelle together :) We went on the hayride, went through the tick or treat trail, petted some llamas, and had fried Oreos.. my favorite!!! It was a lot of fun... I just love Fall!!!