Ok, I woke up this morning itching to post about my friend Chelsea Pratt!!! She threw the cutest baby shower for me on Saturday. I just want to brag about how cool she is :) I am dying to put up pictures of her center pieces, and the little crafty things she had displayed. Like a big DUMMY, I left my camera at my parents house.... so I don't have the pictures yet :( She is just sooo awesome and such a great friend to have. She really out did herself with all the crafty things and her florist skillz..... wow you rock Chelsea!!!! Now for a more Dramatic Story....

On the way to my baby shower I was going 80 mph down the highway when my steering went completely out!!! There was no type of shoulder for me to pull off at, just a big stretch of grass that ran into a huge hill. Let's just say I grabbed the steering wheel with both hands and veered off the road praying that the car also going close to 80 mph didn't REAR END ME!! I managed to go tearing through the grass and slam my car up against the hill.. being so close that I couldn't even get my car door open cause it was jammed against the side of the hill! Anyways, I could of easily flipped my car or been hit by another car going at crazy fast speeds...loosing your steering is no joke!!!!

Thank goodness nothing got bumped, and the baby and I are fine :) Brad came and got us and we made it to the shower about 10 min late :) Which brings me back to mentioning Chelsea Pratt.... she put SO MUCH EFFORT in making my baby shower look so nice. She's one of those "crafty" girls that we all inspire to be hahahah

Anyways, I'm 4 weeks away from having this little baby girl. I'm really excited and nervous..... and just can't wait!!! Thanks everyone for your love and support. I am now prego bound in my house for the next little while... since my lovely Jetta almost KILLED ME, and is no longer safe to drive. Feel free to email me, post comments, or give me a call, just in case I don't die of complete boredom (I mean there is only so much cleaning and nesting I can do here?!?!?!) For now, I am PREGO HOUSE BOUND....Just watching the clock.

tick tock...tick tock........


The Joys of Being Prego!!!

Ok, so I actually feel Like I am going to Bust!!! I am so excited to meet this little baby girl thats been hangin out with me for almost nine months. I am grateful that I have had a healthy pregnancy. That being said I...... I am really annoyed about the following.....

1. HEARTBURN!! If any of you know any tricks out there to stop this beast! Please let me know?!?!??? These things are in my car, bedstand, purse..you name it...... I pop these babies like they're candy.

2. BATHROOM MONSTER!!! I feel like I honestly go to the bathroom 20 times a day!!
It's not just that, but the whole getting myself off of the couch and waddling to the bathroom.
Ok, and speaking of bathroom business..when I sneeze, laugh or cough to hard.... I hate to admit
it, but I do a little thing called PEEING IN MY PANTS!!!

3. Almost every morning I wake up and until I feel that little baby move.. I think I somehow got lost in a crazy deep sleep, and slept on my belly all night and smooshed her!!! A few moments later, I feel her move and my mind is put at ease :) Speaking of stomach sleeping.... i really miss that!!! I feel like the first thing I want to do when I recover is go down a big slip and slide, right on my belly!!!! yipppeeee

4. This whole moving around, getting in and out of cars, bending over, cleaning, picking things off the ground... even getting dressed... HAS ME TOTALLY OUT OF BREATH!!! Is that normal? Or have I become so out of shape during this pregnancy... is there any hope for recovery?!?!

5. And last but not least I am so emotional, and not always in a bad way. I have started crying way more in movies (not even at sad parts) crying by myself in the car at cute romantic songs, or even just random e places!! I can seriously start crying over absolutely nothing. Brad has actually been so sweet during my crying spells..although he finds it quite amusing to see his prego wife crying and blabbering about the silliest things. He usually starts to laugh and that makes me laugh too... and the emotional prego woman is happy once more :)

Well, I really respect all those woman out there who have been pregnant and keep on doing it!!!
I am so excited to be a mom. I just want this baby to come out so me and Brad can play with her :) Just so there is atleast one positive picture that I post today... Here is a picture of me and my friend Joanie and her baby shower. She is expecting a baby boy in Sept!! I love how we are color cordinated for what we're having... me in pink, and her in blue :)


Hey Hey Hey Burrito Lady

Ok I have not been good at posting for a while... so let me give you some updates. The first week of May Brad and I spent the weekend down at the Marriott in Georgtown. My parents acually had a gift certificate that was expiring, and we were the lucky couple to take the certificate off their hands. It had been e few months since I had soaked in the atmosphere of Georgtown. I could never afford to live down there..... but it has a great city vibe, that I just LOVE :)

Now for the BIG news!!!!!!........ Ok, first you should know Brad and I are obsessed with Chipotle
This is us dressed in foil, just for a free Burrito :)

Me and my baby... my sash reads Burrito Lady

While on our adventure walking the streets of Georgtown we found Chipotle's sister!!!! Qdoba Mexican Grill http://qdoba.com/ Some how the two owners of both restuarants split up their biz partnership many many years ago. Each was forced to take out some special ingrediant, of the all famous, "silver bullet" (The Burrito) One of the men started Chipolte, the other man created Qdoba. What a moving dramatic story how the little "Silver Bullet" hatched :) hahahahah

The happy couple after devouring nachos ----pilled high with all Chipotle's toppings.

My studly husband kickin back after a LONG walk through G TOWN.

7 months prego... about to have the most intense workout ever!! Hiking up those famous stairs in Georgtown!!! workin off those nachos :)

Next morning we went to the United States Botanic Gardens..... Sorry not so flattering pictures ( that what happens when I attempt to wear my pre pregnancy clothes) Their is a reason they make "maternity clothes" they just fit better :)