SPRING IS HERE! Brad and I have been spending some Saturdays doing yardwork at his Dad's office. Brad thought I looked pretty cool gettin the job done. :)


Da Prego Bump

Ok, sorry for the ghetto camera pics of my starchy white belly bump... what can I say it's been a nasty winter. This is my attempt to capture my lovely expanding belly. This pregnancy has been about the same as last time so I can't complain to much... I didn't throw up once, just felt VERY TIRED the first 3 months. My heartburn is still bad like last time.. which means Tums are my BFF. I did start showing a lot sooner, which I heard is normal your second pregnancy. It's like my body was yearning to wear the elastic waist band pants. Well here are the pics. :)





Dr. Seuss PAR-TAY

For Dr. Seuss Birthday the mommies group I'm in had a party! We had a book exchange, story time, and everyone brought Dr. Seuss themed food. Some of the fun food we had was..had green eggs and ham, goldfish, red fish blue fish jello jigglers, pink sorbet punch and alphabet cookies. It was a lot of fun, and we had a big crowd!


Remembering the olympics.. remembering CANADA!

Brad and I LOVED watching the Olympics! Thanks to our DVR we had hours upon hours to watch every night. The woman's down hill skiing was so awesome, watching big red rip it up on the snowboarding, and anticipating the last move from apollo was such a rush! Gosh, some really sweet moments for USA. It made me remember my trip to Canada a few years ago :)

I was able to fly a private jet and spend a week on an amazing yacht touring beautiful CANADA! We whale watched, went jet skiing off the boat and had some Delicious food. The last day I was able to go on a helicopter ride and see some of the most beautiful scenery birds eye. Take that Lindsay Vohn hahaha I loved Canada.. but so proud to be party of the good ol USA!!!! :)


Big Girl Room

So we have been having fun getting Annabelle's new room ready. Brad had to talk me out of painting the new room pink, so we settled on purple :) It actually turned out really nice... and I love the purple. Since I'm to chicken to put Annabelle in real bed... we will use this princess castle bed for a while. Hey, any excuse to sleep in a castle bed is just to good to pass up :) The room is still getting some finishing touches so I will post more pics later. Annabelle loves the room so far... and has have fun climbing in and out of the bed (with my help) she was even kissing the walls when Brad was painting.. Here we are soaking in the new purple walls haha notice the matching sweaters :)