My Little Angel

OK well the Christmas rush is over... I feel like I can take a deep breath now... For some reason Christmas came so fast this year! I have had no free time to even check my blog, stalk other people's blogs or play word twist on my facebook account!! I spent a week or two babysitting down by my parents.....when I returned home I was playing a crazy game of catching up on laundry (scary how much laundry 3 people can go through?!?!) the house needed to be decorated, lights hung, tree put up...
I love the Christmas season... thanks to Brad we hung the xmas lights outside in one night, it was dark and bitterly cold, but he was a good sport and was up on the ladder gettin it done! I also had fun jammin to xmas music and decorating the house with Annabelle on my hip!

Annabelle is five months old today! She has impressed everyone with her new skill of sitting up.. she has been sitting up for a few weeks now :) She loves being read to and can turn the pages all by herself! She sat up the entire time just watching her new baby Einstein DVD. She has fallen in love with Elmo.. and was lucky enough to get elmo live for xmas!!!! Elmo actually had my whole family pretty entertained with all that he could say and do. Here is Annabelle's new talent of sitting up, along with her new discovery of her furry red friend!!! (I love her "shocked" look on her face when she first saw Elmo talking and moving hahaha hilarious) Thanks Chelsea Pratt for
making this adorable little outfit!!! :)


Annabelle's Blessing!!!

Annabelle's blessing was such a beautiful and memorable day for our family. It all started with my mom and Catherine coming over early to help Miss Annabelle get ready. We put her in her dress (made by my ohhhh so talented mother-in-law). On the way to the chapel it was not looking so good when Annabelle had one of her "melt downs". Luckily, Catherine took her out of her car seat and held her for the last five minutes to the chapel. By the time we got there she was asleep. We walked in, and minutes later handed sweet Annabelle to her daddy for her blessing. Brad gave such a beautiful and thoughtful blessing. Annabelle was as perfect as can be :) She was staring up at everyone with her big blue eyes for the entire blessing. Brad and I were both able to bear our testimonies and thank our Heavenly Father for this new blessing in our lives. That sacrament meeting was really touching for me.

Well, that was "Part one" of the day.... "Part two" was just a big 'ole party for our new princess :) We had everyone over to our house for a big dinner and celebration. Annabelle had fifty of her closest family and friends over!!!. My mom, Catherine, and I had fun setting up the tables and making everything look pretty. It meant so much to have so many of our family and friends there. What a beautiful day.... for a beautiful girl.

Annabelle in Catherine's arms on the way to the church

Three generations... This kid is loved!!!

The favorite Aunts

It reminds me of that poem... "my three white dresses"
That is one foxy Grandma

Thank you Catherina and Mom... sooooo cute!
Annabelle after a long day...the end of her party.


Belated Birthday!!!!

Well better late then never. Yes!!! I turned 27 yrs old October 18th :) Birthdays are always a time of reflection for me. How have I grown spiritually, physically, mentally this past year? What were some fun memories? What would I want to change to make next year even better?

This year has been so jammed packed with big events. Brad and I bought our first home. I spent 9 months prego. The beautiful Annabelle Marie finally arrived and life has not been the same ever since!!. I am so grateful for all my blessings and new things in my life. I am excited for my new role as a mom. I am looking forward to finding and pursuing my new talents as a "homemaker." I celebrated my 2 yr anniversary with my amazing husband bradley :) I'm looking forward to spending another year with my best friend. Learning more about him and myself. I know this year will be filled with so many fun memories as Annabelle grows and learns new things. At times I am overwhelmed because I want to be the perfect mother and wife...and the next Martha Stewart overnight. I know it will take time and Martha is kinda crazy anyways. When I sit back and reflect and get things into perspective... I'm happy and blessed. I'm excited to find my groove/niche in being a wife, mother, baker, sewer, crafter, homemaker. Watch out Martha Stewart!!!!!!!

Here are some pics from my B-day. Brad and I went to the National Harbor In VA. Its kinda a mix between Georgetown and the Inner Harbor. It is not completely finished yet, but they have a bunch of trendy shops, and cool places to eat. Its right on the water and you can see the planes fly out of Reagan... really awesome :) Go check it out!!! nationalharbor.com



For all you Chipotle Fans out there here is the best kept secret!!! Free Chipolte burritos on Halloween...... Here are our pictures from last Halloween. I was rockin my "Mrs. burrito lady" sash rockin my burrito baby hehehe Brad was a stud in his foil glasses and charming foil tie.

Here's whats cookin.....You must dress up in foil... burrito, burrito bowl, or salad!!! Head on over for your free burrito, at a Chipotle near YOU from 6-9 pm.



The Big Apple

I love the fall! When brad and i first met and had our first date, the leaves turning colors, dressing up for halloween, the awesome fall breeze, (time to bust out those cute sweaters and boots!) Carmel apples, hot chocolate at night watching all the new fall shows, pumpkins, the fresh new start after Oct conference, Halloween, mine and brads bday birthday :) Fall is just such a sweet time of year.

We kicked off the fall this year by traveling to Pennsylvania to the National Apple Harvest Festival!! Appleharvest.com It was so much fun. We had such a nice scenic drive up there. The back country roads were breath taking. The festival was loaded with tons of arts and crafts and great food.... and of course anything to do with apples :)


These are a few of my favorite things....

Annabelle Marie turned two months last week :) She is becoming her own little person now, and it is so much fun watching her grow. Here are a few things that she has accomplished her first two months and things that we adore about her.


* Your long skinny fingers and your long toes that curl up when I touch the bottom of your foot.
* The cutest lips in the world and a little pouty bottom lip (thank daddy for those lips)
* The way you look so beautiful in white and PINK ....of course :)
* When we take baths together you love it! You always want to lean your head back in the water.
* Love how you smile in your sleep
* I love how you make me want to be a better mom everyday
* When you wrap your fingers around my finger when I'm feeding you, and then look up at me.......priceless
* You always manage to get at least one arm out of your swaddle...strong baby.
* You rolled from your stomach to your back 3 times one morning! Brad and I were the only witnesses... but it DID HAPPEN :)
* How you are all girl... high maintenance, demanding, and cry for no good reason (Brad blames it on my "juicy couture" diaper bag. You are a true little princess.
* How you smile every time you see your daddy and your eyes follow him in the room.
* I love your cute little elf ears because they look like mine.
* How you pucker your lips and arch your neck back when you sleep
* The way you look in your swaddle aka straight jacket. It's really the only way to calm you down.
* Your strong little neck and how you move your head right to left... always checking out your surroundings.
* I love your body stretches after naps. You arch your back and bring both arms fully stretched out above you head and then usually yawn.... so stickin cute :)
* When I sing to you in your rocking chair.. you calm down and look at me. Thanks for making me feel like I can carry a tune :)
* These new little spit bubbles you do out of your mouth. Its amazing where do they all come from?
* Your cute little whimper sound you make after I calm you down from a crying episode. It's like you want me to know how upset you were.
* Its no longer just jump in the car to run errands. Your stroller and car seat are heavy! It makes my shopping trips way more difficult. I can't wait till your bigger and we can shop together!!!! ahhh how fun :) Brad hide your credit cards hehehe
* How we spent your first two weeks on the downstairs couch because you woke up every hour to feed.
* Your beautiful blue eyes and long eyelashes
* I love how you no longer scream when I change your diaper
* Your still so small and not an ounce of pudge on you!! Good thing I would probably be pinching you all the time.
* How your tiny feet and hands are always ice cold... just like mine :)
* You are still screaming like crazy every time you wake up!!!
* Your happiest time of the day is at 6 a.m. you smile the most and are so alert. sorry daddy and I are still half asleep, but we somehow get a kick out of you smiling at us :) what a way to start the day!

I love you even though you are sometimes fussy! I love how you now smile at me. It's so rewarding. It seriously melts my heart when we make eye contact and you smile your darling little smile and your eyes light up. I LOVE IT.



Ok, so I gave a little shout out to Brad on my last post. Now it's my turn to tell Annabelle how much I love her :) Trying to go with the "song theme"...... this one is short and sweet... and says it all.


You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy, when skies are gray
You never know dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away.

She is getting much more content, and will let me put her down without crying! She sits in here while I do the dishes in the morning.

Annabelle's first day at church~ this is us hanging out in the mother's room. I was out nursing in the car, until Brad found the mothers room for us (I thought the church didn't have one) Duh I guess all LDS church buildingss have one... YES!! It even has a sink :)

Not sure if you can see close up but this is Annabelle with her baby acne... ohhh how sad. You hate to see that beautiful face with acne :( Luckily it is all gone now!!!!! yay
Don't be ashamed girl... all babies get it.

I love the country sunsets they are so beautiful!!! This is in our back yard. This made my day :)

I guess it's a tie!!!! We both love her SO MUCH :)


Daddy's Little Girl

Since the day they got married
He'd been praying for a little babyboy
Someone he could take fishing
Throw the football and be his pride and joy
He could already see him holding that trophy
Taking his team to state
But when the nurse came in with a little pink blanket
All those big dreams changed

And now, he's wrapped around her finger
She's the center of his whole world
And his heart belongs to that sweet, little, beautiful, wonderful, perfect
All American girl
- Carrie Underwood-