Annabelle is Two.. way past due.

Things you do and say...

Well, a while back you would call us "mommydaddy" like we were one person. Now you call us mommy and daddy. Sometimes you will even say "come here Brad" it is so funny!

You come up to your sister and shake her hand, "nice to meet you" you say.

When I put you in your car seat you tell me it's hot and put on the air conditioner.

When you see you blanket lying on the ground you run to it and say "it's clean, not stinky" then you try and smell it by blowing on it with your nose instead of sniffing it.

During dinner you always point to daddy's cup and say "I want daddy water" After drinking mommy water you always say, "spicy" (diet coke) you call it spicy drink.

You love eating just plain ham and turkey. yep that's pretty much it these days. Oh, and chocolate!!

In sacrament meetings whenever you see your nursury leader you blurt out "teacher, Hi teacher" It's too cute.

You say amen to dinner prayers and at night will start to repeat some of the words in our prayers. You squint your eyes when you close them...love it.

When I say listen you point to your ear and say, "TING" I think its from some cartoon you watch. Everytime you listen to something I say you say "TING" You love putting stickers on you listening chart.

When you go down the stairs by yourself now you say, "I big girl" all the way down. You count each step on your way up and down.

You ask Daddy and I to dance with you all the time. You sing "I know you I walked with you once upon a dream" It's your favortie princess song.

You tell us stories saying, "Once upon a time.. a princess lived in castle.. a wicked witch. The end" You say to daddy, "you a prince, I'm a princess. You play the sleeping beauty game where you have everyone lay down and you kiss them and they wake up.

You love to cuddle, you help Julia when she is crying, Daddy is your best buddy, every morning I open the door to your room and you say "I Wake Up" it's so darling.