Best Buddies


Halloween At a Glance

The BEE FAMILY. W as a lot of fun. Annabelle loved that we were matching. She always wanted me to wear my wings and fly around with her. She called Julia the "fat bumble bee" Of course brad was our "bee keeper"

Annabelle making play dough kits for her Halloween Preschool party. she had a lot of fun turning the play dough black and orange. Except, we had black dyed hands for a few days...

We put her thumb print making it into a spider.. and she practiced writing her name on all the cards. Poor girl has such a long name. By the end she said, Can I just write AB??" HAHAHA

Our mummy dogs... I made these once for the girls and they loved them so much! So, this is what they ate many October nights :) Annabelle, calls them "mommy dogs"....


Dancing With The Stars

Annabelle had her first session of creative dance come to end. It was a lot of fun to watch her progress. She had a really fun time and will continue the class come spring. Some things I will remember from this is...

* Annabelle crying the first class because i had to leave her.
*Me taking the class along with Annabelle and all her little friends.So she would feel more brave.
*Our dance sessions/pump up sessions before class started to get her all geared up for class :)
*Annabelle so excited to put her tutu's on twirling all the way out to the car
*Our ritual of getting to ride in the front seat with me on the way to and from ballet class (it's in our neighborhood) She would put the window down, and tell me to put the music loud.
*Leaving class early once because Annabelle came over to me, said she was tired and didn't want to "twirl anymore"
*Instead of giving up the first two hard classes I felt like we stuck with it and Annabelle learned "Fishers dont give up:) Unpredictable, Beautiful, Happy Ballerina.. Annabelle.


Daddy Daughter Date at Chick-Fil-A

They had "conversation cards" at each table. Brad said they talked about so much :) Annabelle was so excited to get her yellow rose from daddy.. she picked out a pretty pair of pearls from mommy's jewerly. They had such a fun night together. Gotta love CFA...

Fire night at guess where???

YES, WE ARE A LITTLE OBSESSED :) but it's fun.


My little Julia

Julia got up one night after Annabelle went to bed. We were just goofing around and I caught the sillyness on camera. Julia is my little sweetheart. Ever since she was very little Ive always lived giving her tickles. She has the best little giggle. I love seeing her little body cruise all over the place. Her favorite place to hang is the green chair..she will pick up a book and just plop down on it. she is always humming and singing, twirling in the family room. Her smile is amazing. Fine print: her pretty singing can turn to loud shreeking, she's a trash digger, wild monster, toilet water monster!!! but we love her. She is the best.



Conference Weeekend Winners

Saw this idea on some lds site. Of course I did a watered down version but Annabelle LOVED it! We gave her different words to listen to each talk, and when she heard the words..ex: god, jesus..
She got to throw a penny in the jar. She then can take her pennies and buy herself a treat. (of course i'll have t throw some quarters in there) :) It helped her listen so much.

Here is where i got the idea.. amamab.blogspot.com/2011/03/conference-store-idea-linky-party.html

maybe next year we will graduate to the conference store.. Until then I will be happy if she is happy that she gets to buy her self a candy bar with her conference quarters :)

A tradition of ours.. Homemade cinnamon rolls conference weekend. it was cold and rainy today. Cuddled on the love sac eating warm goodness. Yes.


Simple pleasures

The ride from home from the mailbox. Each day the girls seems to be growing closer together and having fun. It is so awesome to watch. julia is just the cutest little thing.. always trying to keep up with big sister.


Fair Fun

We had a blast...

Fried Oreos.. Two batches
Pig and cow watching
Tickles with Grandma Fisher
Riding tractor with Aunt Tori
Annabelle begging to ride the ferris wheel.. Fun!
My ride on the roller coaster with Annabelle. She threw her hands up and was laughing the whole time. One of my favorite mom moments for sure.


Adventures Of Annabelle

Loves to snuggle
Loves to make Banana Bread with me
Is so excited to read us books
Always is so sweet to Julia.. I will hear her explaining to Julia how to do things or telling her, "no no Julia be careful"
During Sacrament "is Jesus Here?"
Is always singing around the house or pretending to be on some sort of adventure
Loves cleaning with windex. "mommy you and me are the best cleaners, and Julia is a monster!"
Cuddling on the couch "mommy your mine"and always "mommy come snuggle me.."so, how's your day doing?"
Famous Annabelle quote "It's just me and you, you and me" as she points to her and my chest.
She tries to make deals with me, or tells me things are good ideas.
After I told her she could only watch one "kid show" I told her she could paint, play outside or take a nap.. but she could watch only one show. She points to me with a total serious face, "Mommy, you go make dinner or take a nap and I will watch one more kid show" is she serious.. she is now giving me "options"?? I tried with all my heart not to bust out laughing! :)
She makes new friends wherever she goes. She will wave to complete strangers and freely gives hugs.
We love to have dance partys and she gets so wild and i LOVE IT!
When a fun song is on or lots of people are around she says, "oh yeah party time!"
I love listening to her sweet and random compliments to us or Julia during our family "happy thoughts about others" game.
I love that she is a such a girly girl but yet loves monsters, karate, and aliens. Not many girls can do a karate chop so cute in a tutu
I love our trips to chipotle with her and Julia
I love how she gives me random hugs all days and tells me how much she loves me
YEP.. I love my little buddy Annabelle. i couldn't ask for a sweeter daughter.

Fear the TUTU no more

Annabelle was SO EXCITED to take creative dance. She talked about it all week! BUT as soon as class started she became the saddest little ballerina. I don't know the exact reason.. maybe mommy withdraw? So, for her first class I actually joined her.. because that's the only way she would stay. It was actually a lot of fun haha. Anytime she was distracted and I tried to sneak out.. she caught me and would say "come back!" So, figuring it was never meant to be a mommy and me class and was going to just bag the whole idea.. but thought i would give it one more shot.

**UPDATE** :) Annabelle went to her third class. THIRD TIMES A CHARM I GUESS :) She walked right in no problem. I was sitting with all the other moms (finally) and when the teacher was taking roll and got to her she said, "I'm Annabelle.. There's an "A" in my name." It was so cute.
She did the whole class awesome! Of course waving to me a few times.. so proud and smiling over at me. I'm so happy to see her doing something so fun! and overcoming her fear :)

Daily Doughnuts

Our new ritual.. going to Dunkin Doughnuts right across the street from preschool. She eats her doughnut and tells me all about her day :)

Show in Tell

On show and tell day.. Reading her favorite monster book to her class. It was so awesome! she told her teacher, "no, i'm a good reader... I can read it" of course she has it memorized. It was such a fun mommy moment watching her read this book in front of everyone.

I love her school so much! Everyday is a different color. which they are supposed to wear and every week is a different letter. Everyday they get up and do a show in tell in front of the class. Her teacher is so sweet and fits Annabelle so well.