Good Reads... We All Needs

Here is the book I just finished reading. I loved it, and it really made me change my perspective on being a homemaker and mother. It has truly inspired me to be a better more efficient house manager and mother. I now have chore charts, daily schedules and to do list. This book has so many great tips and ideas on how to organize your home aka your LIFE. I highly recommend to any stay at home mom!!!!

Here is the book I am currently reading..... LOVE HER!!! Read and listened to so many of her books/talks on my mission. She has such a grasp of what it means to be a woman in these Latter Days. I love her perspective on our divine potential. She's just so awesome. I also recommend "The Lord Wants a Powerful People" Its a talk on tape I have of hers. I have just felt somewhat overwhelmed lately...... these two books have given me such a spiritual boost!!! I feel happier about my role as a mother (stay at home mom) and a daughter of God in these last days. Please go out and get these books!!! They are wonderful :)

And of course the book that Annabelle and I love to read.... :) This lady has many good books!!!

Please let me know of any good books you have read or are reading to help pump you up :)


Baby Tutu wanna dudu?!?!

So, I made Annabelle her first tutu!!! It was a lot of fun and very easy :) The pics I have are not the best but you get the idea.... for all of you Mommys out there here is the sight you can
check out to learn how to make them!!! http://www.make-your-own-baby-stuff.com/baby-tutus.html%20 I used two different colors of tulle to make it look more fun.... red tulle and a goldish red shimmer tulle. They can be embellished with little flowers, ribbon, and glitter. They make for one cute church outfit :) Here is Annabelle modeling her tutu for brad's family xmas party and some pics at church from my camera phone :)


Sweet Giggle!!

This is Annabelle's 2nd time ever laughing! This is her with Grandpa Fisher:)