Halloween At a Glance

The BEE FAMILY. W as a lot of fun. Annabelle loved that we were matching. She always wanted me to wear my wings and fly around with her. She called Julia the "fat bumble bee" Of course brad was our "bee keeper"

Annabelle making play dough kits for her Halloween Preschool party. she had a lot of fun turning the play dough black and orange. Except, we had black dyed hands for a few days...

We put her thumb print making it into a spider.. and she practiced writing her name on all the cards. Poor girl has such a long name. By the end she said, Can I just write AB??" HAHAHA

Our mummy dogs... I made these once for the girls and they loved them so much! So, this is what they ate many October nights :) Annabelle, calls them "mommy dogs"....


Dancing With The Stars

Annabelle had her first session of creative dance come to end. It was a lot of fun to watch her progress. She had a really fun time and will continue the class come spring. Some things I will remember from this is...

* Annabelle crying the first class because i had to leave her.
*Me taking the class along with Annabelle and all her little friends.So she would feel more brave.
*Our dance sessions/pump up sessions before class started to get her all geared up for class :)
*Annabelle so excited to put her tutu's on twirling all the way out to the car
*Our ritual of getting to ride in the front seat with me on the way to and from ballet class (it's in our neighborhood) She would put the window down, and tell me to put the music loud.
*Leaving class early once because Annabelle came over to me, said she was tired and didn't want to "twirl anymore"
*Instead of giving up the first two hard classes I felt like we stuck with it and Annabelle learned "Fishers dont give up:) Unpredictable, Beautiful, Happy Ballerina.. Annabelle.