For all you Chipotle Fans out there here is the best kept secret!!! Free Chipolte burritos on Halloween...... Here are our pictures from last Halloween. I was rockin my "Mrs. burrito lady" sash rockin my burrito baby hehehe Brad was a stud in his foil glasses and charming foil tie.

Here's whats cookin.....You must dress up in foil... burrito, burrito bowl, or salad!!! Head on over for your free burrito, at a Chipotle near YOU from 6-9 pm.



The Big Apple

I love the fall! When brad and i first met and had our first date, the leaves turning colors, dressing up for halloween, the awesome fall breeze, (time to bust out those cute sweaters and boots!) Carmel apples, hot chocolate at night watching all the new fall shows, pumpkins, the fresh new start after Oct conference, Halloween, mine and brads bday birthday :) Fall is just such a sweet time of year.

We kicked off the fall this year by traveling to Pennsylvania to the National Apple Harvest Festival!! Appleharvest.com It was so much fun. We had such a nice scenic drive up there. The back country roads were breath taking. The festival was loaded with tons of arts and crafts and great food.... and of course anything to do with apples :)


These are a few of my favorite things....

Annabelle Marie turned two months last week :) She is becoming her own little person now, and it is so much fun watching her grow. Here are a few things that she has accomplished her first two months and things that we adore about her.


* Your long skinny fingers and your long toes that curl up when I touch the bottom of your foot.
* The cutest lips in the world and a little pouty bottom lip (thank daddy for those lips)
* The way you look so beautiful in white and PINK ....of course :)
* When we take baths together you love it! You always want to lean your head back in the water.
* Love how you smile in your sleep
* I love how you make me want to be a better mom everyday
* When you wrap your fingers around my finger when I'm feeding you, and then look up at me.......priceless
* You always manage to get at least one arm out of your swaddle...strong baby.
* You rolled from your stomach to your back 3 times one morning! Brad and I were the only witnesses... but it DID HAPPEN :)
* How you are all girl... high maintenance, demanding, and cry for no good reason (Brad blames it on my "juicy couture" diaper bag. You are a true little princess.
* How you smile every time you see your daddy and your eyes follow him in the room.
* I love your cute little elf ears because they look like mine.
* How you pucker your lips and arch your neck back when you sleep
* The way you look in your swaddle aka straight jacket. It's really the only way to calm you down.
* Your strong little neck and how you move your head right to left... always checking out your surroundings.
* I love your body stretches after naps. You arch your back and bring both arms fully stretched out above you head and then usually yawn.... so stickin cute :)
* When I sing to you in your rocking chair.. you calm down and look at me. Thanks for making me feel like I can carry a tune :)
* These new little spit bubbles you do out of your mouth. Its amazing where do they all come from?
* Your cute little whimper sound you make after I calm you down from a crying episode. It's like you want me to know how upset you were.
* Its no longer just jump in the car to run errands. Your stroller and car seat are heavy! It makes my shopping trips way more difficult. I can't wait till your bigger and we can shop together!!!! ahhh how fun :) Brad hide your credit cards hehehe
* How we spent your first two weeks on the downstairs couch because you woke up every hour to feed.
* Your beautiful blue eyes and long eyelashes
* I love how you no longer scream when I change your diaper
* Your still so small and not an ounce of pudge on you!! Good thing I would probably be pinching you all the time.
* How your tiny feet and hands are always ice cold... just like mine :)
* You are still screaming like crazy every time you wake up!!!
* Your happiest time of the day is at 6 a.m. you smile the most and are so alert. sorry daddy and I are still half asleep, but we somehow get a kick out of you smiling at us :) what a way to start the day!

I love you even though you are sometimes fussy! I love how you now smile at me. It's so rewarding. It seriously melts my heart when we make eye contact and you smile your darling little smile and your eyes light up. I LOVE IT.