And the journey begins.....

Well we made it through the first Year!!! It has been filled with a lot of fun memories and learning experiences. You see Brad grew up in a "boy" family. I on the other hand grew up in a total "girl" family. You could see how that would bring some differences. hahaha Also, since I was the oldest of six and Brad was the oldest of seven... I think we were both used to being the leader, getting our way, and somehow always being right. Well, now that we have all that figured out... it has been smooth sailing :) I love Brad so much and he is really my Best Friend.

This year has also been the start of Brad's biz. Brad is the "water boy" His company is called Pure Water Solutions. He sells commercial water systems to businesses. His business has really taken off and we hope to bring purified water to all!!!!! I on the other hand work for a terrific family down in Potomac, MD. I am a nanny/house manager. This summer I was able to take two amazing trips with the family. I traveled to Paris and stayed in this huge chateau. I was also also was able to got to Cannes, St Tropez, and Monte Carlo.... truly amazing. The other trip was to British Columbia. I had the awesome opportunity to fly aboard a private jet and stay on a 150 ft yacht!!! The views were absolutely breathtaking. During my stay in Canada... I went on my first helicopter ride over B.C. I flew over a glacier, huge lush green forests and saw really some of the coolest things in my life!!!!! I hope one day to take brad back there and share the beauty with him.


Once upon a time.....

Well, I will start from the begining. Brad and I met at the singles ward down in Chevy Chase, MD. Brad had graduated from BYU and moved back to Maryland with his family. Brad had been home a little less than a year, when I returned home from serving in the Arizona Phoenix Mission. I had been home less than two weeks when Brad and I first met!!! We actaully exchanged numbers at the "munch and mingle" held after church. It was love at first sight hahaha not quite. It took brad a few weeks to get a first date, and about a month to get a second date!!! Luckily during our second date, I came to my senses and realized what a great catch I had found. Brad was not only a stud of a guy who came from an awesome family, but he also claimed Maryand as his hometown... and that makes ya just plain cool. Well, we dated through the fall and winter and on Feb. 3rd Brad proposed :) We were married in the Washington D.C. Temple on May 19, 2006.... and now we live happily ever after.

The Honeymoon

For our honeymoon moon Brad and i went to Mexico!!!! We really had the time of our lives. We Stayed at this awesome resort called Las Brisas. The Resort was all pink and white which I loved :) Our room looked over the city and we had our own little private pool.

We saw cliff divers, I snorkeled for the first time, and we rented our own jeep wrangler for the Day!!! We basically had a blast!!!! It was truly amazing....