Love D.C, Concerts, and Picnics...

A week ago we went Down to D.C for the free summer concerts at the Capital building. Brad's family packed an awesome picnic and we ate it on the lawn before the show. Catherine came with us too :) It wasn't crowded at all and the weather was perfect! It was a real fun night. It's a definite must do for next summer.



We were able to spend a week in Mexico with Brad's familia. It was 10 big people and 11 including Annabelle :) Since I forgot my journal on the trip, I will kill two birds with one stone and blog about it!! Here are the highlights from the trip....

Annabelle's first ride on a plane. We were lucky enough to have the whole row to ourselves there and back. She was playing peeka boo with the seat in front of her (so cute) I had a million snacks for her that she went through pretty fast. She loved looking out the windows and listening to Brad's zune. Amazing on the plane!

We rented a huge 12 passenger van for the first few days...Family Fun! Annabelle loved it because she had no car seat

The hotel had some awesome pools! The water slide was Annabelle's favorite. Brad and I took her down tons of times and right after she would point cause she wanted another ride. Brad even followed us down the slide a few times with the video camera.. wow can we say first time parents??

We went to the ruins in Mexico... really cool. Had a good time walking in the dead of heat with Brad trying to use my spanish/spanglish trying to buy little things from the vendors.

We ate at an Argentine restaurant in memory of Brad's bro Max who is leaving next month to Argentina for his mission. The food was AMAZING! Although, they rip you off by charging you $5.00 for a little bottle water (they didn't tell us till the check came) We all had at least 2 :(

Brad and I the first night put Annabelle down and went for a night swim in the infinity pool. The ocean was right there and it was beautiful. The pool looks like it goes on forever. Romantic night :)

Annabelle loved the water and jumping the waves. Brad and I went hotel pool hopping one day but really loved chilling the hotel pool. I loved the blue blue water!!! Very fun trip.. here our some pics.....