Hidden Treasures

OK, so I have been blogging a tad bit more lately. Sometimes I will get really into things and then drop them for a while... I guess that's how my relationship with blogging is. Another past time I have that seems to fad in and out of my life is Craigslist! Although, right now I have to admit I'm a big craigslist junkie!!!

No joke I have gotten some pretty sweet steals from the free section lately. When I have some free time I will take pictures of all the free treasures I have acquired these last few months :)
OK, now this hidden treasure couldn't wait... Since I have to put it away. Someone who lives less then 3 minutes away from me posted free food/stuff because they suddenly had to move. I drove over and waaaa laaa.. Free Food tons of good stuff, can food and more food for my home storage! I would say a good find.
So, I hope this inspires someone out there to look on Craigslist and become a junkie like me :) There are some really good finds out there and you wouldn't believe what people give away. Happy Hunting!


Take me out to the ball game!

We took Annabelle to her FIRST baseball game! We usually enjoy going to the new nationals stadium or downtown Baltimore.. but for her first game we stayed a little bit closer to home.. we saw the the Hagerstown Suns! haha much smaller park but still got the baseball feel.

We went with our friends the Ficklins, but the girls didn't quite make it to the fireworks at the end. My family used to go to the Frederick keys games which have fireworks also! It's a fun family activity if you live close bye.


"Rubber ducky your the one, you make bathtime lots of fun"

This was after Annabelle's eye appointment. Her eyes are dilated and it's also the reason for her dark circles under her eyes. Annabelle has a clogged tear duct and it still hasn't cleared up. She will go to have surgery on it next month if it doesn't open up on its own. It's a very minor surgery but still kinda scary knowing she has to go under by an anesthesiologist.

Well, she had such a fun time in the bath...I'm so glad I had the camera near by!! She was so cute and just started giggling like crazy. I love Annabelle's darling personality. She makes me so happy when she smiles. I hope the video makes you smile too...


Cool Pool

Annabelle had so much fun at her swimming classes and loves the water!! We decided to get a pool for her this summer. It could even act as a big play pen this winter for her to play in... those days when I'm feeling lazy and don't want to keep an eye on her 24/7 (just kidding kinda) Well, Aunt Catherine was over and we had a lot of fun in the new pool! Brad is now Annabelle's and I cabana boy... We call him to bring out ice pops to us. Annabelle loves sucking the juice out and leaves me with just the ice :) Our Cabana boy also so kindly puts the umbrella up to block our sun. Summer days are so much fun!!



It's about time...

Ok, so for anyone who is still reads this thing... I have been torn about blogging. It's just to much to do between my journal, Annabelle's journal and gosh facebook is just so much faster to post pictures!! I'm going to give this world of blogging another try. This might become more of our Family Journal/ Family Log... We will see how it goes.

Well, the first "catch up" Blog entry has to be the River Pics! We love going to Dam #4 right by our house. Annabelle was to small to take out on the water last year... but this year we took her out! She doesn't look to happy in the pictures. The minute we put her life vest on she started screaming. I think due to the fact that she couldn't move her head or neck. Once the jet ski started moving she was fine.... no expression on her face at all! It was hilarious. I was just singing to her, hopeing she would have a possitive experience .

Another new Fisher thing is our new Bike Trailer!!! Annabelle and I go on bike rides all the time and Brad will join us on our evening bike ride. It's great I totally recommend it to anyone.