sisters gone=more videos

I love I can post this right from my phone! so easy and fast. Technology is great.
Attempt to fly the kite. Julia taking steps.

Pizza party at the park. Perfect way to end a day.


Baby Walks!

She started taking a few steps 2 weeks ago.. she is now on the move! FINALLY, she is a walker. Although, she didn't walk as quickly as Annabelle.. at least she has her eyes open. (Annabelle walked with her eyes closed for her first walking days) Walking eyes open. sweet.


Julia is ONE!

Julia's birthday was a lot of fun. We had some of our friends and family meet at the beautiful city park for a BBQ and some live music from the local band. We all sang happy birthday to julia before heading to the park. She just looked so cute i could eat her to pieces! It was such a great evening and really made me feel so blessed to have both of our families so close by... and enjoy having so many awesome aunts,uncles and adorable cousins for my girls :)