Blogging from Mexico

I'm actually blogging from Mexico right now ;) I'm taking a break from the sun for a bit. Brad and I have been able to spend this week with his family in Cancun ... all 11 of us! It has been so much fun and such a relaxing week. We are staying at this really fun hotel.. pictured below :) Well, this post will not be long...since I am on Vacation. Most vacations I'm sad to go home and face reality and get back into the normal grind. This vacation is different, it is ending with a celebration! Annabelle's Birthday Party is kicking off the the day after we get back.

So, basically these have been the two things on my mind and keeping me pretty busy. I will post pics of Mexico and Annabelle's Bday bash soon!



She's a walker!!! OK so Annabelle took her first steps at 10 1/2 months. She would just do a step or two and then crash to the floor. Then about 11 months we bribed her with chocolate and animal crackers and made her walk to us. Annabelle would do the funniest thing you have ever seen!!!..... after about 3 steps toward you.. she would just close her eyes and keep on walking several steps till she got to you. It was so hilarious to watch this wobble monster walk to you with her eyes closed!! hahaha Anyways, now she is walking much more for longer distances, with eyes open!