Ok, I woke up this morning itching to post about my friend Chelsea Pratt!!! She threw the cutest baby shower for me on Saturday. I just want to brag about how cool she is :) I am dying to put up pictures of her center pieces, and the little crafty things she had displayed. Like a big DUMMY, I left my camera at my parents house.... so I don't have the pictures yet :( She is just sooo awesome and such a great friend to have. She really out did herself with all the crafty things and her florist skillz..... wow you rock Chelsea!!!! Now for a more Dramatic Story....

On the way to my baby shower I was going 80 mph down the highway when my steering went completely out!!! There was no type of shoulder for me to pull off at, just a big stretch of grass that ran into a huge hill. Let's just say I grabbed the steering wheel with both hands and veered off the road praying that the car also going close to 80 mph didn't REAR END ME!! I managed to go tearing through the grass and slam my car up against the hill.. being so close that I couldn't even get my car door open cause it was jammed against the side of the hill! Anyways, I could of easily flipped my car or been hit by another car going at crazy fast speeds...loosing your steering is no joke!!!!

Thank goodness nothing got bumped, and the baby and I are fine :) Brad came and got us and we made it to the shower about 10 min late :) Which brings me back to mentioning Chelsea Pratt.... she put SO MUCH EFFORT in making my baby shower look so nice. She's one of those "crafty" girls that we all inspire to be hahahah

Anyways, I'm 4 weeks away from having this little baby girl. I'm really excited and nervous..... and just can't wait!!! Thanks everyone for your love and support. I am now prego bound in my house for the next little while... since my lovely Jetta almost KILLED ME, and is no longer safe to drive. Feel free to email me, post comments, or give me a call, just in case I don't die of complete boredom (I mean there is only so much cleaning and nesting I can do here?!?!?!) For now, I am PREGO HOUSE BOUND....Just watching the clock.

tick tock...tick tock........