Hey Hey Hey Burrito Lady

Ok I have not been good at posting for a while... so let me give you some updates. The first week of May Brad and I spent the weekend down at the Marriott in Georgtown. My parents acually had a gift certificate that was expiring, and we were the lucky couple to take the certificate off their hands. It had been e few months since I had soaked in the atmosphere of Georgtown. I could never afford to live down there..... but it has a great city vibe, that I just LOVE :)

Now for the BIG news!!!!!!........ Ok, first you should know Brad and I are obsessed with Chipotle
This is us dressed in foil, just for a free Burrito :)

Me and my baby... my sash reads Burrito Lady

While on our adventure walking the streets of Georgtown we found Chipotle's sister!!!! Qdoba Mexican Grill http://qdoba.com/ Some how the two owners of both restuarants split up their biz partnership many many years ago. Each was forced to take out some special ingrediant, of the all famous, "silver bullet" (The Burrito) One of the men started Chipolte, the other man created Qdoba. What a moving dramatic story how the little "Silver Bullet" hatched :) hahahahah

The happy couple after devouring nachos ----pilled high with all Chipotle's toppings.

My studly husband kickin back after a LONG walk through G TOWN.

7 months prego... about to have the most intense workout ever!! Hiking up those famous stairs in Georgtown!!! workin off those nachos :)

Next morning we went to the United States Botanic Gardens..... Sorry not so flattering pictures ( that what happens when I attempt to wear my pre pregnancy clothes) Their is a reason they make "maternity clothes" they just fit better :)