Baby's Room!!!

Here are some pics of the baby's room. I am so happy that it has finally come together :) Since I have found out I was having a baby girl, I have had a lot of fun looking and getting ideas for the perfect baby room!!! Thanks to my studly husband, and my terrific family I am proud to present
The Baby's Room.

Although there are two things I still have to do...1) Find a cute knob to put on the green table. any ideas???? 2) put a longer rod on the curtains, so the panels reach the end of the window seal and cover the molding. 3) There are two blankets to the set that are missing from the pics..their downstairs (I have been practicing "swaddling" with them) hahaha. The green one drapes over the crib, and the cream one is draped over the chair ;)

I just wanted to post some pictures up, because who knows when I am going
to pop this princess out :)