My Little Angel

OK well the Christmas rush is over... I feel like I can take a deep breath now... For some reason Christmas came so fast this year! I have had no free time to even check my blog, stalk other people's blogs or play word twist on my facebook account!! I spent a week or two babysitting down by my parents.....when I returned home I was playing a crazy game of catching up on laundry (scary how much laundry 3 people can go through?!?!) the house needed to be decorated, lights hung, tree put up...
I love the Christmas season... thanks to Brad we hung the xmas lights outside in one night, it was dark and bitterly cold, but he was a good sport and was up on the ladder gettin it done! I also had fun jammin to xmas music and decorating the house with Annabelle on my hip!

Annabelle is five months old today! She has impressed everyone with her new skill of sitting up.. she has been sitting up for a few weeks now :) She loves being read to and can turn the pages all by herself! She sat up the entire time just watching her new baby Einstein DVD. She has fallen in love with Elmo.. and was lucky enough to get elmo live for xmas!!!! Elmo actually had my whole family pretty entertained with all that he could say and do. Here is Annabelle's new talent of sitting up, along with her new discovery of her furry red friend!!! (I love her "shocked" look on her face when she first saw Elmo talking and moving hahaha hilarious) Thanks Chelsea Pratt for
making this adorable little outfit!!! :)