Annabelle's Blessing!!!

Annabelle's blessing was such a beautiful and memorable day for our family. It all started with my mom and Catherine coming over early to help Miss Annabelle get ready. We put her in her dress (made by my ohhhh so talented mother-in-law). On the way to the chapel it was not looking so good when Annabelle had one of her "melt downs". Luckily, Catherine took her out of her car seat and held her for the last five minutes to the chapel. By the time we got there she was asleep. We walked in, and minutes later handed sweet Annabelle to her daddy for her blessing. Brad gave such a beautiful and thoughtful blessing. Annabelle was as perfect as can be :) She was staring up at everyone with her big blue eyes for the entire blessing. Brad and I were both able to bear our testimonies and thank our Heavenly Father for this new blessing in our lives. That sacrament meeting was really touching for me.

Well, that was "Part one" of the day.... "Part two" was just a big 'ole party for our new princess :) We had everyone over to our house for a big dinner and celebration. Annabelle had fifty of her closest family and friends over!!!. My mom, Catherine, and I had fun setting up the tables and making everything look pretty. It meant so much to have so many of our family and friends there. What a beautiful day.... for a beautiful girl.

Annabelle in Catherine's arms on the way to the church

Three generations... This kid is loved!!!

The favorite Aunts

It reminds me of that poem... "my three white dresses"
That is one foxy Grandma

Thank you Catherina and Mom... sooooo cute!
Annabelle after a long day...the end of her party.