Julia 10 months


My sweet Julia is exactly that.. SO SWEET. Yes we still call her Baby June, Junie, and Baby Julia. She is seriously such a sweet little girl. Junie in a nutshell...

*smiles all the time.. and has the cutest little smile while she squints her eyes shut!

*Crawled one month later than Annabelle but is now on the MOVE! (both of my girls crawled during March Madness :)

*She can eat her sister under the table! she loves drinking out of a sippy cup all by herself.

*She waves hi and bye bye.. :)

*She grunts and does a little scrunched pig face.. it so "her face"

*she chases Annabelle all over the house.. when she catches up to her she will give her open mouth kisses!

*she always snuggles into my chest and is such a snuggle bug (so unlike annabelle)

*she goes upstairs now and cruises and pulls herself up on anything and everything she can find.. like I said she is on the MOVE!