Annabelle loves to clean. She loves sweeping and cleaning with a wet rag. When she sees me get out the broom she gets so excited! She runs around saying "I'm the best cleaner, me and mommy... oh and daddy" I say, "what about Junie? "No, she is not a good cleaner she just makes messes"

Almost every day when Annabelle wakes up she will ask "Where is baby June? She holds her hand in the car, as they are sitting in their car seats. She will break up her nuggets into little pieces to give to her.

"BABY june likes mommy milk" "I big girl I drink chocolate milk" Annabelle blurts out and Grandmas house "when I was little I eat mommy's boobies" haha funny.

"I want my hair to touch the floor like tangled".. blurting out in the shower "Look! I'm eating my vegetables so my hair is getting long like Tangled!"