Saturday Family Fun

This week Brad was EXTRA busy at work.. so a family fun Saturday was so much needed:) After a zumba class at the gym and my first cycling class (yes, I'm still alive somehow) We decided what better way to get those calories back then head to CHIPOTLE! :) Annabelle is always so amusing to eat with.. she was having fun with her tortilla and "white dippies" sour cream.

We then headed to the pet store and got some new fish! We were looking everywhere for the perfect fish.. who was name "JIMMER" ANNABELLE KEPT ON SAYING, "WHERE IS THE JIMMER FISH?" We finally found a fish we liked and now we have a fish name Jimmer. :)

We came home and watched some of conference. Two talks that stood out to me were talking how we can learn from little children and we should learn to become more like them. I really learn from Annabelle everyday... her eagerness to learn new things, how quick she is to forgive and forget, her unconditional love, and her BIG KIND heart :) I love how at any moment I can walk around the corner and hear her singing Book of Mormon Stories or I love to See the Temple. She really brings such a sweet spirit into our home. The same with Julia, her beautiful smile and cuddley kisses are the best. The day ended with the girls palying hide and seek in Julia's room.. Julia was crawling around trying to fin Annabelle and both girls were giggling SO HARD! It was awesome.

Brad and I said during the first session of conference.."Yes! kids are in this year.. Oh yeah we have cool kids, we are so lucky!"