Annabelle Marie Has Arrived!!!

To make a long story short... I was in labor off and on for 2 days. I was sent home from the hospital twice. I walked for two hours in a park (4 min from the hospital) while having severe contractions hoping that they would let me back into the hospital. Saturday afternoon I arrived at the hospital AGAIN they laid me on the bed and BOOM my water broke... finally they believed me that I was having a baby :) I was in labor for another 7 hrs after that, and then when she was ready I pushed her out in SIX MINUTES!!!

So our little princess is here! Annabelle Marie Fisher was born on Saturday July 26 at 7:59 p.m. She weighed in at 7 pds. and measured 20 inches long. Brad and I are so glad she is finally here. We feel so lucky to be the proud parents of this beautiful girl. I can not express my feelings of being able to hold her right ofter the delivery.... it was pure joy!!! What a miracle she is and we are so excited to have her :)