A little nesting here... A little nesting there

Well, I'm getting so excited for baby to come!!!! I cant' believe how fast the time is going, but yet July seems like it will never come. Since I can't do much while she is still in my belly, I have had some fun planning the room our new little arrival will be chillin in :) I finally decided on the crib, (moment of silence for all you crib makers out there... cribs are way to over priced, I mean c'mon) I finalized on her bedding (sweet and elegant with a tint of shabby chic :) I actually found the bedding and room idea from this designer to the stars, Wendy Bellissimo... If your looking for room ideas, check out her video clips on her website!!! http://wendybellissimo/ She has some really cute stuff :) Well, the crib will take 14 weeks to get here!! If you ask me I could go chop the tree down and make the furniture faster myself! ... but oh well. I have to wait 9 months for baby girl to come, it won't kill me to wait 14 weeks. Now that I have finally decided on which room to put her in... I have hung a few outfits in her closet :) The outfits so far include some my mom and I bought last year... (can you say baby hungry) Also, my cool mother in law brought me home the the most darling outfit and sandals from her travels from Central America!! Brad's mom was also kind enough to buy her favorite grandchild a bassinet!!! I was sooo excited, I made brad put it together that night!! Right now it's just in our room, sometimes I walk past it and look inside and think "wow, soon there will be a little baby inside there" So, I'm a dork and took pictures of us putting together our "first bassinet" So fun!!!! hahahah

Brad looks like he's caught in the act!!! Like "She made me do it"
Takes a lot of skills to put those bears on.....
The proud mama with the finished product.... Thanks Cindy!!!