Easter Dinner

Well, we were able to have my family up for Easter Dinner! Unfortunately we were so busy, we did not have much time to take photos. I have to give props to my mom and my amazing mother in law who can pull off feeding large crowds with their eyes practically closed. I hope one day to entertain large crowds and be the betty crocker/marth stewart type of mom :) It actually takes some talent to make sure that all the courses are hot and ready to be served at the right time! I do have to thank my studly husband Brad who impressed us all with the main course!!! He made his famous tilapia with his butter cream sauce....soooooo good.

There is the master chef contemplating the recipe

Mark and Brad throwing it down, and showing that fish who was boss

Of course I did was busy baking also. I was busy making my famous raspberry chocolate cheesecake and this Strawberry Pretzel cream cheese thing... its intense and is not always fail proof. One day I hope to conquer that dang recipe. I also had fun setting up the table, and getting my pink on :)