The Yellow Beauty

Well, until now our yard was nothing but uneven dirt piles, and since its been raining so much a few "mud swimming pools" I guess its finally warming up enough, that they decided to plant bushes in the front (which have already started to sprout pink flowers :) We also have two trees planted in our yard now..there small little guys. Brad told me what they were, but I already forgot! All i know is one has blossoms. Our front and backyard have been seeded and currently have hay all over top. Since our new yard is up and running.....Brad and I ventured out to Wal-mart to buy our first hose :) I know our neighbors will be coveting my new bright yellow beauty (the hose). Hands off ladies its all mine!!! Well, I took some random pictures of our new adventures watering our very first yard!!! I know kinda boring... but hey what else do I blog about before baby comes :)