Fear the TUTU no more

Annabelle was SO EXCITED to take creative dance. She talked about it all week! BUT as soon as class started she became the saddest little ballerina. I don't know the exact reason.. maybe mommy withdraw? So, for her first class I actually joined her.. because that's the only way she would stay. It was actually a lot of fun haha. Anytime she was distracted and I tried to sneak out.. she caught me and would say "come back!" So, figuring it was never meant to be a mommy and me class and was going to just bag the whole idea.. but thought i would give it one more shot.

**UPDATE** :) Annabelle went to her third class. THIRD TIMES A CHARM I GUESS :) She walked right in no problem. I was sitting with all the other moms (finally) and when the teacher was taking roll and got to her she said, "I'm Annabelle.. There's an "A" in my name." It was so cute.
She did the whole class awesome! Of course waving to me a few times.. so proud and smiling over at me. I'm so happy to see her doing something so fun! and overcoming her fear :)