Adventures Of Annabelle

Loves to snuggle
Loves to make Banana Bread with me
Is so excited to read us books
Always is so sweet to Julia.. I will hear her explaining to Julia how to do things or telling her, "no no Julia be careful"
During Sacrament "is Jesus Here?"
Is always singing around the house or pretending to be on some sort of adventure
Loves cleaning with windex. "mommy you and me are the best cleaners, and Julia is a monster!"
Cuddling on the couch "mommy your mine"and always "mommy come snuggle me.."so, how's your day doing?"
Famous Annabelle quote "It's just me and you, you and me" as she points to her and my chest.
She tries to make deals with me, or tells me things are good ideas.
After I told her she could only watch one "kid show" I told her she could paint, play outside or take a nap.. but she could watch only one show. She points to me with a total serious face, "Mommy, you go make dinner or take a nap and I will watch one more kid show" is she serious.. she is now giving me "options"?? I tried with all my heart not to bust out laughing! :)
She makes new friends wherever she goes. She will wave to complete strangers and freely gives hugs.
We love to have dance partys and she gets so wild and i LOVE IT!
When a fun song is on or lots of people are around she says, "oh yeah party time!"
I love listening to her sweet and random compliments to us or Julia during our family "happy thoughts about others" game.
I love that she is a such a girly girl but yet loves monsters, karate, and aliens. Not many girls can do a karate chop so cute in a tutu
I love our trips to chipotle with her and Julia
I love how she gives me random hugs all days and tells me how much she loves me
YEP.. I love my little buddy Annabelle. i couldn't ask for a sweeter daughter.