Annabelle at 18 months!


1. Annabelle loves making animal sounds.. she loves dinosaurs and frogs. She has a frog bath robe and frog slippers. She loves to say, "MOOOOOOO" AND "RAHHHH"

2. She LOVES chicken nuggets!! She would eat them for all meals if I let her... (OK, sometimes I do) She gets very excited to see the golden arches.. because that means NUGGETS! She calls them "nut sauce"

3. She loves to watch Dora and Ka lain.. She dances around when they come on..

4. She loves her baby and feeds her and pushes her around in the stroller. She tries to put socks on her and gives her baby a million kisses.

5. She LOVES daddy and sits on his lap to watch t.v. She loves baths and showers with him... she says Daddy all the time. She even tries to put on his deodorant.

6. She LOVES water and will get in your face and say "WA WA" until you get up and get her water.

7. She loves our trips to Sams Club and loves getting pizza. She gets a lot of attention from other shoppers as she walks around... she makes friends everywhere she goes :)

8. Annabelle is my little buddy we love going to McDonald's and Chic Fil A. She used to be a little shy about playing on all the indoor playgrounds.. but is much better now. The other day I climbed all the way through the tubes with her to the very top of the indoor playground. I was trying to show her it wasn't that scary.. but actually it kinda was! I would be freaked out if I was little.. the tubes are dark and too long. Anyways, we made it out safely and down the big slide. She doesn't have to do that AGAIN until she's ready.

9. She calls the car "beep" "beep" and miss Annabelle loves watching DVDs on her car rides. She can falls asleep in seconds in the car. That's her new favorite place to nap.

10. Annabelle loves being held and is more cuddly now than when she was a newborn.

11. She loves opening drawers, moving laundry from one pile to the next and making piles of random toys and books.

12. She loves to put on her jacket, hat, and boots. She can say each word very well.

13. She says so many words and picks up on so may thing. She wants to open the microwave door when her nuggets are ready and shut the fridge when I get out her milk.

14. She loves to dance and twirl with Brad and I. She loves being tickled and love to be chased around. She runs around and babbles all the time.. she can get quite hyper! It's fun to watch.

15. She will randomly point to my nose, eyes, and hair during the day and say what each is. It's really cute and always makes me smile.

16. She loves her special blanket and calls it her "B" She gets so happy when she sees it.

17. When she want to take a bath she will run to the tub and try to crawl in. She will get in Brad's face and say "bath, bath, bath" until he takes one with her. She loves washing her own hair.

18. She is a joy to have around everyday. I get excited to get her out of her crib in the morning.. I walk in and she is talking up a storm and pointing to everything she sees. When we walk out of her room we always pass pictures of her.. she always points at her self and says "AB" We love our ANNABELLE...aka "AB"