It's about time...

Ok, so for anyone who is still reads this thing... I have been torn about blogging. It's just to much to do between my journal, Annabelle's journal and gosh facebook is just so much faster to post pictures!! I'm going to give this world of blogging another try. This might become more of our Family Journal/ Family Log... We will see how it goes.

Well, the first "catch up" Blog entry has to be the River Pics! We love going to Dam #4 right by our house. Annabelle was to small to take out on the water last year... but this year we took her out! She doesn't look to happy in the pictures. The minute we put her life vest on she started screaming. I think due to the fact that she couldn't move her head or neck. Once the jet ski started moving she was fine.... no expression on her face at all! It was hilarious. I was just singing to her, hopeing she would have a possitive experience .

Another new Fisher thing is our new Bike Trailer!!! Annabelle and I go on bike rides all the time and Brad will join us on our evening bike ride. It's great I totally recommend it to anyone.