Hidden Treasures

OK, so I have been blogging a tad bit more lately. Sometimes I will get really into things and then drop them for a while... I guess that's how my relationship with blogging is. Another past time I have that seems to fad in and out of my life is Craigslist! Although, right now I have to admit I'm a big craigslist junkie!!!

No joke I have gotten some pretty sweet steals from the free section lately. When I have some free time I will take pictures of all the free treasures I have acquired these last few months :)
OK, now this hidden treasure couldn't wait... Since I have to put it away. Someone who lives less then 3 minutes away from me posted free food/stuff because they suddenly had to move. I drove over and waaaa laaa.. Free Food tons of good stuff, can food and more food for my home storage! I would say a good find.
So, I hope this inspires someone out there to look on Craigslist and become a junkie like me :) There are some really good finds out there and you wouldn't believe what people give away. Happy Hunting!