Service With a Smile

This past Saturday Annabelle went on her first service project! Brad was asked to help at the chapel and unload two truck loads of food from the bishops storehouse. In order to give the sister missionaries a ride, Annabelle and I decided to tag along!!! It's always such a treat being around sister missionaries:) It just brings me right back to my mission and so many fun memories.....it's just so fun talking with them!!!

Well, it was amazing how much food there was and how many orders needed to be filled!!! The stake President said there were 20% more orders then usual due to the bad economy...sad :( It was great to see the variety of food items people were able to receive. I was surprised at all the fresh produce too! Brad was the produce dude :) They had a scale there and were weighing bananas, limes, oranges you name it! Some orders and 10 gallons of milk... kinda crazy. I walked around and dropped in meat patties to all 60 orders...then while Annabelle was asleep, I performed probably the most important role of the day..... counting and passing out the toliet paper rolls. :) I just have to say I know it wasn't a HUGE act of service we did, but I LOVE SERVICE!!!! It's awesome to forget about yourself and just help others... nothing quite like it :) So, any of ya feelin down or overwhelmed??? GO OUT AND SERVE!!!!!!

Annabelle just couldntkeep her hands off that milk!!! :)