Good Reads... We All Needs

Here is the book I just finished reading. I loved it, and it really made me change my perspective on being a homemaker and mother. It has truly inspired me to be a better more efficient house manager and mother. I now have chore charts, daily schedules and to do list. This book has so many great tips and ideas on how to organize your home aka your LIFE. I highly recommend to any stay at home mom!!!!

Here is the book I am currently reading..... LOVE HER!!! Read and listened to so many of her books/talks on my mission. She has such a grasp of what it means to be a woman in these Latter Days. I love her perspective on our divine potential. She's just so awesome. I also recommend "The Lord Wants a Powerful People" Its a talk on tape I have of hers. I have just felt somewhat overwhelmed lately...... these two books have given me such a spiritual boost!!! I feel happier about my role as a mother (stay at home mom) and a daughter of God in these last days. Please go out and get these books!!! They are wonderful :)

And of course the book that Annabelle and I love to read.... :) This lady has many good books!!!

Please let me know of any good books you have read or are reading to help pump you up :)