St. John

OK well I have been terrible about keeping up with this whole blogging thing!!! I hope to get better and now that were a little more settled in from the move, I can take a few moments to breathe and blog :) Well we have been SO busy packing and moving to our new house, and working so we can actually pay for the darn thing. Here are some pictures from our trip back in December (which seems like ages ago) to St. Johns!!! Brad and I stayed at Cinnamon Bay where we were able to camp like steps away from the beach!!! We really had a fun time. We were able to snorkel like CRAZY...Brad made me swim out to these reefs, which seemed sooooo far away but I just put my head down in the water and started kicking my fins... I was surprised how far my out of shape little self could make it. The fish were amazing!!! We saw huge rays, and starfish, and so many beautiful colored fish!!!!!