Home Sweet Home

Wow, well I can hardly believe Brad and I are actually crazy enough to consider buying our very first home!!! Its so exciting and at the same time it feels like were handing in our "kid" keys and becoming adults :) We looked and searched in different areas for places to buy. I spent countless hours on craigslist (my Internet obsession) looking at fixer uppers and some houses built before Joseph Smith time.. no, not really that old but like 1900's ish. Well, after looking around and saving our pesos :) We decided to move out to the country, to a good 'ol place called Hagerstown, MD. We wanted a place to call our own.... Hagerstown is just the place!!! Its far enough away from both in laws, but still close enough to drive over for Sunday dinner or to just catch up on some good family time.

The neighborhood we are moving into is a new development called "Westfields." There is a huge elementary school being built right in the neighborhood, where i have visions of walking my kids to school.... :) It's about 3 miles from the shopping outlets. (which I am very excited about) and would give anyone any excuse to come up here and visit us! It is also very close to dam 4, where Brad's family likes to bring their jet skis and they have great scenic bike trails!!! If that wasn't enough to make ya head over heels about this place... we are just a few miles away from the historic Antietam Battlefield (the bloodiest day in U.S. History) Where they have statues and cool stuff to go look at. Did I mention the peach festivals and strawberry festivals in the summer?!?!?? :)

Well as you can see I'm very excited about this new place... this new adventure in our lives!