My Chore Chica

So, Annabelle gets excited anytime I start to clean. She always wants to sweep or gets happy when I give her a wet rag to clean with me. She is my cleaning buddy around the house. So, I decided to make her a "Chore Jar" She has lots of chore cards and shakes the jar then picks cards out to accomplish. She thinks it's a game and gets really excited about it. The other chart I thought would be fun to give her stars for finishing her things for the day. Simple things like brush teeth, comb hair, show love, ect... Well, it worked for two days then I came down to the kitchen to see the chair pulled up to the fridge. Annabelle had climbed up to her chore chart and crossed off all the chores for the the entire week. HAHAHA (NOW THAT'S ONE WAY)