Stats On Miss Julia-- 9 months!

My sweet Julia..

Loves to be swaddled when it's nap time or bed time. She takes 3-4 naps a day and wakes up once during the night. Girl loves her beauty sleep :)

She doesn't mind getting wet in the tub and kicks and splashes so much. Annabelle loves pouring cups of water on her head. She doesn't seem to mind.

She is sooooo tickilious under her chin! She doesn't really laugh out loud to often but has this cute inside belly chuckle

Has upgraded from the mushy baby food... she actually started eating most table food at 6 months. She eats anything I'm eating.. she loves grabbing for anything on my plate.

Has the most darling smile when she crunches her face and squints her eyes shut.. it's my favorite thing ever!

She loves to bounce and jump and when you pick her up. she shakes her legs and arms in a jumping motion. (Annabelle thinks she looks like a mermaid flapping her fins)

She watches Annabelle all the time! She will smile and soon as she sees Annabelle enter the room.

She is a little behind on crawling, as Annabelle was crawling at 7 months. I blame it on the fact that every time Julia gets on her belly Annabelle sits on her to "RIDE HER!"

Her first tooth came in at 6 1/2 months and her 2nd tooth took it's time popping out but made it's appearance 2 months later.

Julia likes to roll and finds this is the best way to get to places. She will get up on all fours and rock back and forth... then she gets frustrated she's not moving anywhere and does a high pitched scream!

I love how she gives me open mouth kisses and attacks my face with her little open mouth.. I'm happy she is still nursing and love that quiet time with her.

Julia is my little sweetheart.