March Madness!!!!

I have not posted in FOREVER. I have been very busy do to some "march madness" I spent the first half of the month at the Parson's babysitting gig. My lovely sister Allison came home from her mission!!!! I hosted a Relief Society Dinner at my house and decorated 2 out of the 5 tables...(pink and black of course!!!) I bought Annabelle her new Highchair (which she LOVES and has fun just sitting in it for a long time!!!) I've started to prepare for my garden. If anyone has any tips on what grows really well, let me know :) Any other free time I have had is feeling out my brackets, and watching the games...

I had hoped for some warmer weather for march... I'm happy Annabelle is finally sleeping in her crib, growing hair, and is crawling... (FORWARD) :) Annabelle also had her first date this month!!! Her first daddy daughter date..... her and Brad went to Chipotle to share a burrito. Brad even got a little side order of carnitas for Annabelle :) Annabelle loves burritos and WE LOVE HER!!!

Say hello to my pictures from "march madness"